ZaK - Email Branding: sending emails from your own address

By configuring the Email Branding, all the emails you send from ZaK can have your email address as sender, rather than!

☞ Docs: ZaK - Communication: automatic and manual emails

Remember that also for this functionality, as well as for the sending of automatic emails, it is necessary to use the Essential package.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Essentials Package

You can configure the Email Branding at the following section:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations > Email Branding

Here, by clicking on the pencil, you can configure your email provider by entering the required data and saving:

Now you'll have correctly configured your email address for sending templates to your guests. If your guests reply, you will find the email in your Inbox! This way you won't risk missing any messages from your guests and you can be in direct contact before check-in!

If the email branding is properly configured, you'll see this:

If you wish to receive a copy of each email that ZaK sends to your customers, you must enable the specific option in the following section:

↳ Useful Link: Settings > Configurations > Generic Settings

Test and Reset buttons

Once configured the Email Branding, two new buttons will be displayed:

- The button is to make a test: click it and you'll receive a test email to the address you configured. Check if you correctly receive it from your own address or again from

- The button can be used to reset the Email Branding, in order to cancel the configuration.

What to do in case of configuration problems?

You may experience problems with some providers such as Gmail, Aruba or Outlook, as they may block our connection. We explain below how to proceed with these three providers.

The same operation (generating a password to allow external app to access) should also be done in case of problems with other providers.

1. Aruba configuration

Aruba and Aruba Business, in case of several SMTP connections, apply limits and consequently may block our connection. These are Aruba's "Violation Policies". In case of an error with Aruba, ZaK will send you an email to inform you. However, it is necessary that you contact Aruba to understand the problem and what to do. We can't do anything about it, as we have no control over their policies.

NB: Aruba also seems not to work when sending messages to email addresses including special characters (such as "à").

2. Gmail Configuration

If you use Gmail, in ZaK "SMTP Server Address" field, enter as shown in the image:

In the fields "Your Email" and "SMTP User" you need to enter your email address:

About the field "SMTP Password", here you do NOT have to enter the password of your Gmail account, but you need to create a specific one. We explain below how to proceed, or you can also find instructions in the link below:

 @ Web: Gmail: Sign in with App Passwords

First, you need to log into your Google account and go to the "Security" section:

Now, in the "How you sign in to Google" section, click on "2-Step Verification" (make sure that the verification is ON):

At the bottom of the page, you will find the section "App Passwords":

Here you need to specify that you want to set a password for ZaK. So in the field "Select app" choose the option "Other" and digit the custom name "ZaK". Then click on GENERATE:

This way Google will generate a specific password for ZaK:

Enter this password in ZaK and save:

Now you'll be asked to enter a verification code. You'll receive it in the email address you are configuring:

Once done, you will have correctly configured the Email Branding with Gmail!

Gmail: what to do I can't find the "App Passwords" option?

If you don't find the "App Passwords" option, the reasons may be as follows:

  • Two-step verification has not been set up for your account
  • Two-step verification has been set up for security tokens only
  • Your account is a work, school, or other organization account
  • You have enabled advanced protection

So probably you'll see an error as the following one:

Now you should receive an email as follows in your Gmail Inbox:

Following the procedure in the email, you must activate the possibility that less secure apps can access your Google account:

Once done, you can go back to ZaK and enter your Gmail password in the specific field:

This way you should correctly be able to use your password to configure the Email Branding.

2. Outlook configuration

If you use Outlook, in ZaK "SMTP Server Address" field, enter as shown in the image:

Also for Outlook, it is necessary to generate a specific password for ZaK. To do this, you must first activate two-step authentication in your Outlook profile. Let's see how to proceed!

First, you need to log in to your Outlook account, go to the My Microsoft Account section and then Security. Here, on the top right click on "Two-step verification":

Now choose which security info you want to use, whether an alternative email address or a telephone number:

By clicking on "Next", you will receive a code in the email/phone you choose. Enter it and continue.

You must now choose how to confirm your identity. Then click on the email/phone you have entered:

You will receive another confirmation code. Enter it and continue.

You will now land to a page where you'll find the "Additional security" section. Here, click on "Turn on" under "Two-step verification":

You will now be asked a second way to verify your identity, you can choose whether via an app, email address or phone number:

Go ahead and you will receive another verification code in the app/email/phone you choose. Enter it and continue.

Two-step verification will now be enabled and your Outlook recovery code will be generated:

Go ahed until you reach a page with the "App passwords" section. Here you choose to create a new app password:

Now an app password will be generated:

Copy this password and paste it in ZaK specific field, then save:

Now you'll be asked to enter a verification code. You'll receive it in the email address you are configuring:

Once done, you will have correctly configured the Email Branding with Outlook!