ZaK app - Reservation notifications

If you installed the ZaK app, both on iOS and Android systems, you can decide whether or not to be notified on your mobile phone every time you receive a new reservation. All other WuBooK notification systems you have previously activated (email, fax, sms) will still remain active.

In case you enter a reservation manually in ZaK, you can choose in ZaK settings whether or not to receive a push notification:

↳ Link : Auth Factory > ZaK (All-In-One) > Settings > Configurations > Generic settings

Setting up reservation notifications (iOS and Android)

When the app is closed or in the background, you'll still receive a notification every time a reservation enters, both with iOS and Android:

By clicking on the notification, you will be sent back to the application Home page, where you will find the Latest Events section, i.e. the latest reservation you have received. By clicking on each reservation, you can view its details:

If you don't want to receive notifications for this app or want to change the alert mode, you can act directly from the settings of your mobile device.
Go to the section > Settings, search for the ZaK PMS By WuBook application and customize the Notifications settings.

@ Web: ZaK PMS by WuBook - iOS

@ Web: ZaK PMS by WuBook - Android