What is a PMS?

A PMS (acronym for Property Management System) is a software that provides various tools to support hotel staff in the management of their work: Planner with rooms and reservations, manual entry of reservations, check-in and check-out, tourist tax.

In addition to these essential features, the PMS also allows:

  • Issuance of electronic invoices and receipts
  • Detailed statistics to analyze your sales
  • Automatic sending of customized messages to your guests
  • Cleaning tasks management through a specific calendar
  • Restricting staff access.

WuBook has an All-In-One PMS (ZAK), which allows a comfortable and simple management of all services from a single interface. In addition to the PMS functionalities, ZaK also includes a Channel Manager and a Booking Engine. Different packages are available (Basic, Essentials, PII and Finance) that can be activated and deactivated according to your needs.
We remind you that the "Zak Basic" package is free!

ZaK is a cloud PMS, but... what does it mean? It means that you don't need to install any application: all data are saved online and are always available, from any place and any device!
This guarantees you greater security and greater convenience: all you need is a simple Internet connection!