How to configure the Reservation model - WooDoo

By reservation model we mean how a customer who books with WooDoo can guarantee and confirm his/her reservation.

It is configured from ONLINE RECEPTION > Basic - Reservation model

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > WooDoo > Online Reception > Basic > Reservation model

☞ Docs: Online Reception

You can choose from one of the following models:

  • Deferred: with this model a credit card guarantee is not required. In this way the reservation is not guaranteed and it is not confirmed but is in a "waiting for approval" status. From the reservation tab you can accept or reject the reservation. The customer who  entered a reservation is aware that his(her reservation is s not confirmed and that the property is free to accept or reject. You can also request a bank transfer or a deposit as guarantee.

☞ Docs:Pending reservations on WuBook

  • Real Time: this model requires the credit card as guarantee.The reservation is automatically confirmed. Both guest and the property will receive a reservation notification by email.

  • Free Model: it includes both the deferred and the real time models. During the reservation process the customer can choose whether to enter the credit card data or wait for the property to contact him/her directly to accept or reject his /her reservation.

Payment Model: it requires the previous configuration in WooDoo of a payment gateway such as Paypal. It will ask for a prepayment during the reservation process. Immediate payment is required during booking confirmation. If the user who makes the booking omits payment via gateway, the booking is still entered, but in it is in "waiting for approval" status.

☞ Docs: Payment Gateway

To enable Real Time and Free models, you must first configure the password for your credit cards. The reservation model concerns only the direct booking on WuBook. It doesn't affect in any way the portals connected to the Channel manager.

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Even if a reservation is generated in a " waiting for approval" status, it still affects the availability. So if you decide accept it, you have be sure that your rooms are available.

We recommend the Free Model, because it allows the entry of reservations both by those who want immediate confirmation and those who do not have a credit card or do not use it on the internet.