WooDoo F.A.Q. - How can I connect my PMS or BE to WooDoo?

I want to connect my PMS or Booking Engine to your channel manager WooDoo in order to manage via API my online sales on various OTAs... How should I proceed?

In few words: to do so, you will have to use the Wired API to implement the connection between your system (PMS or BE...) and WooDoo channel manager.

@ Web: WuBook Technical Doc > Wired

After you implement the connection you will be able to update Woodoo with prices, availability and restrictions.

And you will be able to retrieve reservations from Woodoo.

From your Woodoo account, you will be able to connect Booking, Expedia, or other OTAs so that Woodoo updates their extranet (with Price, Availability, Restrictions) and retrieve reservations from their respective extranet.

NB. The updates we will receive from your system, and the ones we are sending to OTAs are only including Prices, Availability and Restrictions (like “Min stay”).
Apart some few exceptions, there is NO possible UPDATE of content like room pictures, cancellation policies, descriptions...

Please read the following for detailed information.

A- Preliminar conditions

- Read the “Wired API” technical DOC

@ Web: WuBook Technical Doc > Wired

- Contact us to be enabled to use the API by sending an e-mail to:   help-wired@wubook.net

- Create a WooDoo account that you will update from your system and connect later to the OTAs

@ Web: WooDoo subscription

NB. The Provider Keys indentifies a provider, not its customers: so a single PMS (or BE...) needs only 1 Provider key for ALL its customers.
Each property of your customers will be identified by its “lcode” (also called “ID”) that you can get from each account profile: https://wubook.net/wauth/wauth/dash/admin/?s=prop

↳ Link: Auth Factory > Admin > Property

B- Establish connection “ Your system ↔ WooDoo”

B-1 Authentication

To know more about API authentication, that is how to use of token and how to use Lcode (Lodging code, the property identifier) please read our technical DOC:

@ Web: WuBook Technical Doc > Wired > Authentication

B-2 Creation of different Rooms in the Woodoo account

Rooms can be created manually from the Woodoo account:

☞ Docs: WooDoo - How to create a room

And fetch later into your software using the command:

fetch_rooms(token, lcode, ancillary=0)

Or using the API:

new_room(token, lcode, woodoo, name, beds, defprice, avail, etc... )

@ Web: WuBook Technical Doc > Wired > Handling Rooms

B-3 Update of price

We recommend you to use “daily plans”, and the following function:

update_plan_prices(token, lcode, pid, dfrom, prices)

@ Web: WuBook Technical Doc > Wired > Handling Prices

You can check if the updates are ok by looking into the Tabla (calendar) of Woodoo. Tabla is the calendar used as reference to send data to the OTAs.

↳ Useful links: WooDoo > Rates > Tabla

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Tabla

C- Establish connection “WooDoo ↔ OTA”

Usually, the connection to OTAs has to be done manually from each customer account from WooDoo > Channel Manager section.

To connect manually a channel to the Woodoo account, please proceed from

↳ Useful links: WooDoo > Channel Manager > Channels

On the right column “available channels” you will have the possibility to select the channels to connect.
On the left column “your channels” you will have possibility to proceed with connection process for the selected channels
See below help section on how to connect a new channel:

☞ Docs: Woodoo - Acquiring a Channel

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Configuring a Channel

Exceptions: for Booking.com and Expedia, we offer also the possibility to manage some functions via API.

@ Web: WuBook Technical Doc > Wired > Channel Manager API

The manual connection is always possible and recommended if a provider hasn't many customers to connect.
We have specific more detailed sections in our Knowledgebase on how to connect Booking and Expedia:

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Booking.com™

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Expedia

NB. The data sent to the OTAs are the ones present in the Tabla: that means we are sending for each room type: Availability, Price, Restrictions.
We are NOT sending static content like photos, descriptions, cancellation policies, etc...
This content has to be updated directly from each OTA extranet.

D- Fetch reservations from WooDoo to Your System

Once connection established between Woodoo and OTAs, the reservations will be visible in section

↳ Useful links: WooDoo > Reservations > Reservations

You can fetch the reservations present in Woodoo by using following functions:

fetch_new_bookings(token, lcode[, ancillary= 0, mark= 1])

@ Web: WuBook Technical Doc > Wired > Fetching reservations

We recommend you to enable the push function in order to be informed when a new reservation arrives.

push_activation(token, lcode, url[, test= 0])

For any issues, please contact us at following email   help-wired@wubook.net