Rate Checker - Adding Competitors

To configure Rate Checker, you must first complete the "Manage Competitors" section. Here you can search for and add the competitors you wish to analyze, also indicating the frequency and length of the scans that Rate Checker should perform for each one:

↳ Link: Rate Checker > Manage Competitors

To do so, enter the property name and city of the competitor you want to analyze. Then click on "Search" to start the search, which can take up to a few minutes.

For example, if we want to monitor the prices of Hotel Cristallo in Cattolica, we will insert "Hotel Cristallo" as the competitor name and "Cattolica" as the city. If the property is listed in the main online sales channels, Rate Cheker will indicate it in a list from which we can select it:

Once you click on the competitor's name from the list, two boxes will open in which to indicate:


  • the frequency of the analysis, i.e. every how many days the system must interrogate competitors' prices
  • the length of the analysis, i.e. the duration of the service. The relative cost is also reported. Remember that the cost will be generated once the trial period has ended.

After setting the frequency and length, click on the "Add to monitored" button to start the scan.

A snapshot is an Internet reading of a competitor's prices (taken from Booking.com). The snapshots are done automatically, following the indicated frequency.

When you add a competitor, the system automatically analyzes the price for 1 night. If, on the other hand, you want to monitor prices relating to longer stays, you must customize it in the subsection "Add stay". In this way a new snapshot will appear that will have a different length of stay:

You can remove a competitor at any time by clicking on the black x next to it. By removing it you will not receive any more snapshots and no further costs will be generated:

At this point you just have to wait for the first snapshots to be taken, and then analyze the data in the "Competitors" section.

☞ Docs: Rate Checker - Data Analysis

! Warning ! Do not confuse the duration of the stay taken into consideration with the duration of the snapshot, which is instead expressed by the value "length".