Installing the Booking Engine Widget in your Site - WooDoo

The customer who visits the website of your property can interact with widgets or a booking button to open the online reception and book a stay. It is recommended to display the widget (or button) in a clearly visible position from every page of your website.

☞ Docs: Online Reception

You can easily get the source code to install the standard widget. The web master that manages your site will just have to copy-paste to complete the installation.

From the section Online Reception > Your site of your WooDoo Control Panel you can get a link dedicated to your web master. You can find it in the section GENERATE YOU WIDGET.

Provide the code to your web master. In this way he/she can get all the technical information needed to install and customize the standard widget. It is mandatory not to remove the "BOOKING BY WU" link, or the widget will not work.

Tools for your site

In addition to the Booking Engine on your site you can install the Packages widget and the Feedbacks widget. In this way, whoever visits your site will find all the packages that you created and will be able to read the reviews released by other previously hosted customers.

☞ Docs: Feedbacks

☞ Docs: Packages

Our Rivendell demo site shows you the different installation possibilities of Wubook tools on your website. Join it and take a look at the following link:

@ Web: Rivendell

Widget customization

The widget can be completely customized to make it consistent with the style and colors of your website. The widget customization is so flexible that your web master can create an HTML form from 0! Just follow the instructions in the technical documentation.

☞ Docs: WuBook Technical Docs

The widget may appear on your site under a picture or text as in the examples below:


The Booking Engine on WordPress

If your site uses WordPress technologies, you have the possibility to use the appropriate plugin for the installation of the booking engine. Here is the technical documentation for the installation of the booking engine on WordPress.

@ Web: Technical Documentation for Wordpress

The Booking engine on Facebook

You can install the WooDoo Booking Engine on your property's Facebook page. By following the technical documentation visitors of your Facebook profile can access the online reception.

@ Web: Technical Documentation for Facebook