Mandatory costs - WooDoo

These are additional costs that will be added to the amount of direct WooDoo reservations. They are shown in the online reception, only in the last step (the booking confirmation step). They are useful when you want to show in Step 1 of the online reception (the room choice step), the price from the room without the additional cost. For example they could be used to add the cost of cleaning the room (and show this increase only in the confirmation step).

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Online Reception

Mandatory costs can be set from the following section:

↳ Useful Link: WooDoo > Online Reception > Basic > Mandatory costs

The following parameters must be established for each mandatory cost:

Name : arbitrary name assigned to the cost

Amount: This is the amount of the mandatory cost

  • Fixed per person: the amount will be multiplied by the total occupancy (beds) of all booked rooms
  • Fixed per room: the amount will be added for the number of rooms booked
  • Fixed per reservation: the amount will not be multiplied.

Daily: In this case the amount (in addition to the multiplication due to the type) is also multiplied by the number of nights of the stay

Range of dates: you can establish that the mandatory cost is calculated only for stays that fall within certain periods and not on others.