WooDoo - Promo Codes

Many properties work with business clients: companies that usually book one or more rooms for their employees. For this category of customers you can make a dedicated price list and you can grant them a facilitated booking process.

A "discount code" is a numeric or alphanumeric code associated with a discount. Revealing the code to your customer you will allow him/her to book from WooDoo, enjoying the discount associated with that code.

During the first step of the online reception the customer displays the field that allows him to enter the discount code that you provided. Automatically the room prices will be updated based on the discount associated with that code.

Discounts can be configured in the following section:

↳ Useful Link: WooDoo > Online Reception > Extras & Promo Code


Technically in WooDoo "promo" means a price change that can be defined in one of the following ways:

  • Percentage: The booking price is reduced by a percentage
  • Fixed amount: The final total price of the reservation is reduced by a fixed value.   
  • Daily amount: The price of each room-day is reduced by one value.
  • Rate plan: The prices of the selected rate plan replace the standard ones.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Rate Plans

Creating a Promo code

To create the discount in addition to the name, the code and the value you have to enter the following data:

  • Policy: You can assign a dedicated cancellation policy to your promo. (For example, for friends and/or relatives you could assign the "no penalty" policy)."Policy Master" is the standard cancellation policy.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Set a cancellation policy

  • Max usage: WooDoo registers how many times each discount code is used. When this number exceeds the maximum use, the discount code is automatically disabled.

Once created the code, you can click on it and inside you'll be able to define the following parameters too:

  • Credit Card: you can choose if the reservation must have the CC as a guarantee or not. The customer who uses a discount code with "No CC" will not need to enter his credit card in order to have a confirmed reservation (even if the reservation model requires mandatory CC).

☞ Docs: WooDoo - How to configure the Reservation model

  • Arrival and stay options: to set the period of validity of the code and whether the guest using the discount code must stay a minimum of nights.

Customer details and room assignment

Once the promo code has been created, you can enter the data of the customer for whom the discount has been created. In this way the customer arrived at step 2 of the booking process, will find his/her data already entered.  In this way only those who book using the secret promo code will be able to book those rooms:

You can also assign one or more rooms to a promo code in the "Allotment" section, as in the image below.

! ATTENTION: If you assign a room to a promo code, that room will no longer be available for sale to other customers.

Through the field "Display not dedicated rooms" you can choose whether the customer using the code can book all the rooms or only those dedicated to that code:

Online reception with integrated promo

You can provide customers by email, a link that opens the online reception with the promo code already integrated. Simply add the symbol "&" followed by the variable dcode= secret code of the discount to the string of the online reception link, which can be obtained from the property - site section.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Installing the Booking Engine Widget in your Site

For example: suppose you have a promo code with a secret code: "amici2000", and the link to the online reception is the following:


I can add the symbol "&dcode=amici2000" to get the link that opens the online reception with the discount already integrated:


(Other variables can be entered during the opening of the online reception, as specified in the WuBook technical documentation)

@ Web: Wubook Technical Docs