WooDoo - Special Offers

To promote your rooms on the internet and increase your direct reservations, it might be a good strategy to offer them at a discounted price on your website, by creating a Special Offer in WooDoo.

The special offer is a discount offered under special requirements and a specific cancellation policy. When the guest who books requires a stay that meets the requirements assigned to this offer, the online reception offers the discount automatically. The reservation will have the cancellation policy assigned to that offer.

For example, the “3 nights” promo offers the discount only to those who require a minimum stay of 3 nights at least. And those who book the non-refundable promo will have the "non-refundable" cancellation policy.

☞ Docs: WooDoo F.A.Q. - How to create a not refundable offer?

How to create a special offer for your website

The special offers can be defined from the following section:

↳ Useful Link: WooDoo > Online Reception > Special Offer & Package

As you see in the image, you need to define:

  • a name
  • a validity period (once created, inside the offer you'll be able to add more periods)
  • the kind of discount, which can be:
  1. percentage
  2. fixed
  3. a rate plan among those created at Rates>Plans, so that the offer takes the prices of that rate plan.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Rate Plans

! PLEASE NOTE: If you choose a fixed discount, the value to be discounted will not be subtracted from the daily price but from the total reservation amount. For example: if I set a 20€ fixed discount and the guest books 3 nights at the full price of 100€/night, the discounted price of the booking will be 280€. If you want to create a special offer with a fixed discount on the daily amount, you can use a virtual plan.

Once created the offer, you'll find it at "Special Offer & Package" section:

You can click on it to set all the parameters we'll se below. They're not mandatory parameters, you can set them only if you need to further customize your offer and define more restrictions.

1. Special Offer

In the first section, by clicking on the blue pencil, you can edit the basic information of the offer, including the cancellation policy and the guarantee:

If you need a new cancellation policy for that offer, you can first create it and then apply it.

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Set a cancellation policy

2. Validity

Here you can define more validity periods for your offer, a min stay and a max stay.

  • Max Stay: Hide the offer for those who require extended stays and show it only to those who require stays of a few days
  • Min Stay: Only those who require stays of a certain length will enjoy the offer

! ATTENTION: By setting the validity to "Dates" and choosing a period of validity, the offer is only shown if the check-in falls within that period, regardless of the check-out date.

3. Restrictions

Here you can set a day restriction, e.g. you can make the offer valid only for weekends. Or you can set a min or max booking advance.

  • Required Advance: it is the number of days between the date of booking and the date of check-in. Only those who book in advance can enjoy the discount offer. It can help you increase early bookers.
  • Maximum Advance: it allows you to create last minute offers. Only who book early will benefit from the offer.

4. Discount

In this section you can change the value of the discount and choose whether to apply it to the entire amount of the reservation (first picture), or only to the cost of the rooms (second picture). In the latter case, you must tick the rooms to be included:

5. Requirement rooms/extras

Here you can choose whether you need to book certain rooms and/or certain extras in order to enjoy the offer. NB: This doesn't mean that only selected rooms will be discounted, but that the offer will be enjoyed by reservations that meet this requirement.

  • At least one of rooms and extra selected: with this option, the guest has to choose at least one of the rooms or extras you have chosen for the offer to be shown to him. In the following example, if the guest chooses a Matr or the Jacuzzi extra, the offer will be displayed:

  • All rooms and extras selected: with this option, the offer will only be visible if the guest chooses all the rooms/extras you selected at the same time. In the following example, the guest will see the offer only if he chooses both Matr and SING and Delu:

6. Nations of validity

Here you can simply select whether the offer should only be valid for guests from certain countries. If you do not select anything, it is valid for every country:

Finally we remind that on your website you can also insert a widget that shows the list of your special offers "dynamically". The setting up of the widget must be done by your WebMaster, who can consult our technical documentation on Javascript functions (you can access these functions for free):

@ Web: WuBook technical Doc

Once your offer is created, the guest will see the original price discounted (crossed out) and the final price when booking. This gives the end user the perception of the convenience, of the opportunity provided to them, increasing your direct booking at the same time.

Bsides, by clicking on BOOK the guest will see all available offers for that room/dates (not only the cheapest). He will also see the standard rate (the WuBook Parity, which is always shown):

Special offers on the OTAs

WooDoo special offers are NOT automatically sent to channels connected to the Channel manager. To create a special offer for the OTAs, it is necessary to act straight on the OTA, except for Booking and Airbnb.

  • for Booking, you can create a promo straight on WooDoo, inside the channel. Here is the specific guide:

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Creation of promotions for Booking.com

  • also for Airbnb you can create a promo straight on WooDoo, inside the channel at "Season Rules" section

☞ Docs: WooDoo - Creation of promotions for Airbnb