WooDoo - Creation of rooms and rates for Booking.com

To allow you to manage everything from a single interface, we have introduced the possibility to create rooms and rates directly from the Channel Manager! So, you can directly log in to WooDoo to create a new room type, without having to log in to Booking.com. Let's have a look at these new features.

First, you have lo log in to WooDoo and click on Booking.com channel from the following section:

↳Useful Link: WooDoo > Channel Manager > Channels

Here, you can find the section "Booking.com: Rates and Rooms". Click on the button:

Manage rooms/rates

This section allows you to create new rooms and rates for Booking.com, specifying all the details that you previously configured in your Booking.com Extranet.

1. Rooms

By clicking on the + next to "Rooms", you can create a new room type:

In the GENERAL subsection you can specify all the details related to the new room type, such as the occupancy, the size or the quantity (how many availabilities you have for that room):

In the subsection AMENITIES you can flag all the services that this room offers:

Once you created your rooms, you will find a summary with all the details (by clicking on the room), where it is also indicated if you have already mapped that room or not. By clicking the red icon shown in the photo, you can change the settings of the GENERAL section, in order to overwrite those previously set. By clicking the blue icon, you can change the AMENITIES. Finally, by clicking the green icon you can disable that room, so that it is no longer sold. The icon will turn red and even the rates associated with that type will be deactivated.

2. Rates

By clicking on the + next to "Rates", you can create a new rate, e.g. a Non-refundable rate:

You can create a free rate, without any derivation, then you can set up prices via Sytar or Tabla. Just leave the "Derived from' field blank:

Or, you can create a rate derived from another. In this case, in the "Derived from" field you can choose the starting rate. You will be asked the percentage of derivation and you can decide to inherit from that rate also restrictions, cancellation policy and closures.

In the following example, I'm creating a Non-refundable rate that has a 10% discount from the Standard Rate:

If you create a derivative rate, you do not have to map it with the a corresponding WooDoo rate, beacause it already had its automatic derivation price. If, instead, you create a NOT derivative rate, then it will be mapped with the corresponding WooDoo rate.

Once you created the rates, you will a summary with all the details (click on the rate). Again, it will be indicated if you have already mapped or not that rate. By clicking on the blue icon you can change the rate settings. By clicking in the green icon, you can deactivate the rate and the rooms associated with it.

Predefined Policy

In this section, you will find the cancellation policies created on Booking. Each policy is a couple, consisting of cancellation policy + prepayment. You cannot create new policies from WooDoo, you can just see them. Then, you can use them in the section MANAGE ASSOCIATIONS, which we see below.

Manage Associations

In this section, you can define your products, associating one or more rooms with the rates with which you want to sell them, working also on more rooms/rates at the same time. In addition, for each product it is also possible to define the board, the cancellation policy and min/max advance.

In the following example, I have enabled the room type "Apartment" for "Standard Rate" and "Non-ref", with breakfast, policy "Special Conditions 2" and min advance of 2 days:

As for the policy, I chose the same conditions that I find for the "Special Conditions 2" in the section PREDEFINED POLICY, those that I have already defined on Booking.com:

!WARNING: If in this section you create a new policy with the same name as one you already have on Booking, but defining different conditions, the policy you are creating in WooDoo will overwrite the one you already have in Booking.

You can create your products, then you will find them on the left side of the page. By clicking on it you will be able to view the details. You can remove them by clicking on the black icon with the x or edit the data by clicking on the blue icon:

Once you create the product, it will be ready to be mapped! Then, go back to the Booking configuration page and click on the CONFIGURE button and then on YES, I WANT TO RECONFIGURE THIS CONNECTION:

Now, in the table "Rooms association" you will find the new room type (Apartment), ready to be mapped: