ZaK - Cash Closures

ZaK allows you to keep track of your cash flows. Whenever you make a cash flow (withdrawal or deposit) you can register it to keep your accounting updated. Every day you can close the cash register so that you can keep track of every movement.

Cash register closures

With ZaK you can record all your cash flows. In particular, every time you make a cash withdrawal from the cash register, you can record and save it. Each recorded movement contains the following data:

  • Opening balance : It is the initial cash residual, the opening of the previous closure, which is available in the cash register after the last closing and before the movement.
  • Cash balance : It's the amount that eventually came in cash after the last closing. Includes cash payments registered lately (after the last closing). It also contains any cash deposits registered manually in Cash Flow.

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  • Expected amount : This is the sum of the Opening balance + Cash balance. Basically what I expect is in the register.
  • Actual amount : That's what's actually in the register.
  • Difference: Between the expected amount and the amount actually contained in the cash register. It may be justified with an explanatory text note.
  • Withdrawn amount: The cash that you want to withdraw from the cash register at closure.
  • New Balance: It's the new opening. The current amount actually available minus the withdrawn amount (Actual amount - Withdrawn). It will be the initial amount (Opening balance) of next closure.

For each closure ZaK estimates what you should find in the cash register (Expected amount) but asks you to enter the amount that is actually present, what you withdraw and eventually a note.
For each Cash register closure you can find the corresponding report with all the data and notes available.

Daily closure

A daily closure combines a set of cash register closures. On a daily closure are recorded: the total income managed since the last cash closure, the total income collected in cash since the last cash closure and the opening balance of the last cash closure.

  • Balance: Total income entered since the last daily closure.
  • Cash: cash income entered since the last daily closure.
  • Opening: Last balance of the last Cash register closure The current residual in the cash register.

When a new daily closure is generated, the open cash movements disappear from the closure window and will appear in the daily closure record.