ZaK - Konsole

The "Konsole" section can be used when you need to update the archive of your customers or the translations of some sections of ZaK. Both the translations and the customer archive are in fact downloaded by your computer once a week and stored in the cache of your browser. Of course, this is a special cache, which is not deleted when you empty your cache memory!

The page can be reached from any ZaK menu, by clicking on the three lines on the top right, next to your account code:

and then on "Konsole":

This way you'll land on the page:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Konsole

Refresh Customer Archive

If you need an immediate update of your customers archive, you can click on the REFRESH THE ARCHIVE button and wait a few seconds. This tool can be useful for example:

  • when you are entering a reservation for a guest who has already stayed, but is not found by the system
  • when you login to ZaK from a different device, which therefore has another cache memory, e.g. another computer or another tablet.
  • when you use another browser than your usual one, e.g. Chrome instead of Firefox

In all these cases, we suggest to update the archive and then try again. At that point ZaK should find without problems the customer you are entering.

Refresh Translations

This tool works in the same way as the previous one: if you see any section of ZaK still in English, we suggest that you update it by clicking on the REFRESH TRANSLATIONS button. At this point, if the translation has already been made, it will be downloaded in your cache memory and you will now see that section in the correct language. If, on the other hand, you continue to see it in English, it means that the translation is not yet ready. Please wait and try the update again later.