Google Analytics

It is useful to monitor user visits at your online reception. WuBook has a tool for analyzing visits: Bookland. In addition to our tool you can use Google Analytics plugin to monitor clicks and browsing on your booking engine.

To configure it, simply enter in the "Google Key" field the user code you have on Google Analytics and activate the plugin.

☞ Docs: Plugins

Within 24-48 hours you should start seeing the results from your Google Analytics profile. Below are the events that are tracked, which can be viewed on your Google Analytics profile under: Behavior > Events

  • WubookOpen: online booking visits without dates. Open step 0 to request dates.
  • WubookRequest: availability requests with dates request. Reached step 1 of room selection.
  • WuBookNoAvail: availability requests with dates request. There is no availability on the requested dates.
  • WubookPreview: the last step of booking confirmation is reached.
  • WubookReservation: reservation completed.

For any support needs on the Google Analytics configuration side (target setting, possible causes for incorrect tracking...), please refer to Google Analytics support or contac the Google Analytics support center.

@ Web:How to get support - Google Analytics


The online reception WuBook sends to Google Analytics the data related to the sale of the stay. This allows you to get on your Google Analytics profile the reports and information about your sales trend. To activate this service, just enable the E-commerce functions on your Google Analytics profile.

!Attention! It is essential that Enhanced E-commerce Reporting is disabled.

WuBook side check

In case using this service you find problems, you can ask the WuBook technical staff to perform checks by connecting your Google analytics profile to the Google Ads WuBook administrator account via the following email address: adwords at wubook dot net.

@ Web:Link Google Analytics and a Google Ads manager account (MCC)