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In this section you can define some generic settings for your ZaK PMS. Let's see them below one by one.
First, the page can be reached from the following link:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations > Generic Settings


Here you can define your main currency (indicated by the icon ) and add additional currencies you work with, which is useful if you receive payments and issue invoices in different currencies.

! ATTENTION: Adding currencies other than the standard one allows you to:

  • Change the currency of the services cost. When assigning the price of rooms and/or services, you can specify the currency in which the guest will pay. The same thing can be done in the reservation details, by clicking on the "Rooms" item you can access the currency parameter.
  • Price conversion in tax documents. If you have managed the prices of the reservation in your standard currency but the customer pays in a different currency, you can issue invoices in one of the currencies you have added. ZaK queries and obtains daily updated exchange indices from the competent bodies and automatically calculates the price by converting it from your standard currency.


This part allows you to define the age range for the different types of customers, so adultsteenagerschildren and infants:

This is important if you use ZaK Booking Engine and you created different products for different occupancy and ages, so that ZaK applies the correct prices when booking. Not only on your website, but also when you enter a reservation manually.

For example, if you have a Double room for 2 adults, you might want to sell it for 2 adults + 1 infant free up to 2 years of age. Then from 3 years old and up you may want to apply a supplement.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Booking Engine

☞ Docs: ZaK - Products


By enabling this option, you can choose to be copied into the emails that ZaK sends to your guests. For example, the automatic emails sent with the messaging system; the emails for feedback requests; the guarantee request emails, etc.

Here you can also choose the Sender name, for example the name of your property:

In this way, when the guest receives any email from ZaK, the name you set will be displayed as the sender.
NOTE: This is valid for any email, even those sent from noreply@wubook.net.