Я потерял пароль для просмотра банковских карт

Unfortunately, in this case, the credit card data already inserted by your guests are not recoverable because the password you set was used as an encryption key to store the data. Therefore, without it, it is impossible to recover the credit card data.

! ATTENTION: Credit card details are linked to password via encryption, so they are NOT recoverable if you change the password!

You can reset a new password from the section below. In this case, you can only read the CC data entered after the password reset. The credit card data entered before the password resetting will be lost. 

↳ Link: Security > Encryption System

Click on "REGENERATE ENCRYPTION SYSTEM" button and confirm. You will be sent a confirmation code by email or text message, which you must enter to continue:

You will then receive an email with a new password. You can now use this new password, or if you want to customize it, click on the "CHANGE PASSWORD" button. You will be asked to enter your current password and then to choose a new one. Please use the password you have just received by email as your current password.

On the detail page of each direct reservation (received from your Booking Engine or manually entered on ZaK), you will find a link to request the CC data from the guests again. This link must be sent via email, and the data entered will be visible using the new password. For reservations received by OTAs, you must contact the portal to ask how to proceed.