Одноразовый пароль (OTP)

To increase the security of your account, WuBook allows you to configure the One Time Passcode (OTP) functionality. In this way, if someone tries to edit one of the following sections of your account, he will be asked for a confirmation code to go on:

So these sections will be protected by the OTP. The code will be sent by email or text message to the contacts indicated on the configuration page. Here is the link to the section.

↳ Useful Link: Security > One Time Passcodes

!ATTENTION: It is important to enter your country calling code before your phone number (i.e. +39 for Italy), otherwise the SMS can't be sent.

Both the phone number and the email can be edited at the following section:

↳ Useful Link: Administration > Information > Personal Information

To enable the functionality, you need to access the page mentioned above and set ON the button on the top right: 

Then, to go on with the activation, you'll be immediately asked if you want to receive the code by email or SMS:

Now enter the code you receive and the functionality will be enabled. Every time someone tries to edit the sections mentioned at the beginning of the article, they will have to enter the OTP received by email or SMS.

Remember that:
- When you receive the code you must use it within 5 minutes, otherwise it will expire and you'll need to generate a new one.
- The code will work for 5 minutes. This means that for 5 minutes the above sections will be unlocked and editable. After 5 minutes the code expires and you'll be asked for a new one (again sent by email or SMS).
- When you log out and log in from your account, you'll be asked for a new OTP code.
- The code is also required to disable/enable the OTP configuration page.