Безопасность Вашего аккаунта

In your WuBook account, there is a the SECURITY section dedicated to the protection of your data and access control. In the image below, you can find an overview of all sub-sections.

1. Password

Here you can Change your Password to access your account. If you believe that your Password is no longer secure, you can change it. It is a good idea to change your Password periodically. At any time you can do this by accessing the section < Your Password filling in the necessary fields (you will be asked for the current Password for the change)

↳ Useful Link: Security > Password

2. Devices and access

Here you get a list of all accesses made to your account, keeping track of the following data: device usedbrowser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), operating systemgeo-location (if available), IP address.

Also, in this section, you can choose to receive an email notification to inform you of all access to your account. You can also set the level of access control by indicating a level from 1 to 4. You can also disable the function by setting the > Notification Profile to "Zero".

↳ Useful Link: Security > Devices and access

3. Encryption System 

Here you can configure the password which allows you to read the data of credit cards issued by guests to guarantee their reservation. To change it, go to the section below through the useful link. This configuration is essential for both the Booking Engine and the Channel Manager. Below you can find an in-depth article.

↳ Useful Link: Security > Encryption system

☞ Docs: How to configure Password for Credit Cards

☞ Docs: I lost my password to view credit cards

4. Users and Groups

Here you can limit you staff's accesses to the Home Page of your account, by creating specific credentials for them.

☞ Docs: Users and Groups: limiting the access to your WuBook account

5. One Time Passcodes

Finally, here you can set to request an OTP code every time someone tries to make changes to specific sections of the Home Page, to increase your security!