Транзакции и формирование расходов

You can start using our services without obligation: for each one, you have a free 15-day trial period, which starts automatically when you subscribe to the service. After the 15 days, if the service is still enabled, a cost (or debt) will be generated for each monthly renewal.

The payment of each cost is not requested immediately. In order to avoid too frequent payments and to avoid issuing a lot of invoices for small amounts, the payment of your costs is only requested when the total amount reaches a minimum of €48.00. Besides, a maximum of 1 payment per month is requested.

As costs are generated and until they reach €48, you can check them in the following section under "CURRENT BALANCE":

You can view more details by clicking on the arrow next to each cost:

- the first date on the left, is the date on which that cost was generated

- in brackets you can see the period to which that cost refers, the period for which you used that service

When the total on Current Balance reaches the minimum amount, it becomes a payable transaction. At this point you will receive an email notification and the transaction will move to "WAITING FOR PAYMENT" (picture below).

! ATTENTION: From this moment, you have 30 days to make the payment, after which the system will automatically block all services.

☞ Docs: Insolvencies and deactivations

In addition, you'll see the following warning in your Account:

How to make the payment

At this point there are several ways to make the payment:

1. Bank transfer

2. Credit Card

3. Automatic Card Renewal

4. Pre-buy of services

You can find more information on each of these methods in the following documentation:

☞ Docs: How can I pay WuBook services?

☞ Docs: Pre-buy of services