Fount Technology

Fount is the technology that allows you to check the availability and best price of your rooms remotely. A player in the online tourism industry could allow the visitor to check the availability of your property for a certain date range and get the best price.

TriVaGo and TripAdvisor metasearchers use this technology allowing visitors to their portals to check the availability of a WuBook property and enter a reservation through the WuBook Online reception.

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If you work with WuBook with multiple properties you can create a "mini-portal" that allows the user to find which properties are available in a certain period.

☞ Docs: Multi property Booking Engine


Each WuBook property has its own unique code called lcode (available in the section of your account: property > site). This lcode number allows you to create the link that opens the online reception of that property. Fount is a set of javascript functions that allow (through the lcode of one or more properties), to query the WuBook database with a date range, obtaining the price (average within the range sent) for each property and for each room.

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↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > Online Reception > Your Site

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