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The WooDoo rate plans and restrictions, as well as the rooms default data, define values over an unlimited time. It means that the prices and the default availability of your rooms or the default values of rate plans or restrictions, are theoretically valid from today's date to the infinite future.

The maximum advance is one of the "Hard Restrictions" manageable from section below:

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☞ Docs: Restrictions Plans - WooDoo

You have the possibility to stop the entry of reservations too far ahead of time. ! Attention ! Do not use the closure! Not all dates are closed from a certain day forward to infinity.

To prevent the entry of early bookings, a specific field is used: "the maximum advance". By advance we mean the number of days between the date of booking and the arrival date. The maximum advance (e.g. 300 days) automatically blocks bookings of stays that are more than 300 days in advance.

This value only affects the online WuBook reception. It is in fact a one-time value: you just have to indicate it once, it should not be defined for every day. It is therefore not transferable to OTA via XML through the channel manager. To activate it on an OTA you have to contact the OTA support itself.

☞ Docs: Online Reception