Online Reception - WooDoo

Online reception is the WuBook booking system that will be reachable from your website. It is the sequence of steps that the customer visiting your site will follow to enter a direct booking.

You will be able to install a booking button (or widget) on your property's website. The customer visiting the website will be able to click on this button (or widget), to open the Online Reception and book his stay.

☞ Docs: Installing the Booking Engine Widget in your Site

The reservation process consists of 3 main steps:

STEP 1 - Selecting arrival and departure dates of your stay

First the customer have to enter the period of the stay. You can choose whether to request arrival and departure date or date of arrival and number of nights. In case there is no availability in the requested period, the online reception will automatically show periods "close to the requested period" in which there are rooms available.

In the first step the customer can also access the property's data and read the reviews left by other guests.
If the customer enters the dates of the stay directly in the booking widget installed on the site, step 1 will be skipped and will move directly to step 2.

☞ Docs: Feedbacks

Step 2 - Selection of room, extras and special offer:

The customer can display the list of available rooms in the requested period (in addition to availability, for each room are shown name, description and image gallery. Once the room(s) has been selected, the customer can select any extras and/or special offers and packages.

☞ Docs:Create A Room / Modify A Room

☞ Docs: Rooms Images

☞ Docs: Extra and Reductions

Step 3 - Reservation confirmation

In the final step the customer can enter his/her personal data (including email address), possibly the data of his/her credit card (for immediate confirmation), and then confirm the reservation. He will immediately receive the reservation voucher (which will also be sent by email).