Google AdWords

For those who use Google AdWords to promote their website, WuBook provides a tool that allows you to monitor conversions: from site visits received by AdWords to direct bookings made through the Online Reception WuBook.

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In this way you can control the profit obtained from the investment spent on the Google AdWords campaign.

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The WuBook plugin is the same used for Google Analytics.

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To proceed, you must have a Google AdWords profile and activate a conversion action on it.
Google assigns an identification number: google_conversion_id. Just insert this number in the WuBook plugin.

@ Web: Set up conversion tracking for your website

Below you can read our technical documentation:

@ Web:WuBook technical documentation for AdWords

The assistance concerning all the procedures related to the activation of the AdWords campaign and the conversion action generation should not be requested to WuBook. A lot of information is available directly on the Google support website.

@ Web: Google Ads Help

Once the plugin is configured, you will need to wait at least 24 hours before Google starts tracking conversions.