Rate Plans

WuBook supports multiple price lists. A rate plan is a price list. When you create a new rate plan, the default prices set in the rooms will be inserted; it will be possible then to modify the prices of each room/day.

you can create and manage rate plans from the section Rates - Plans:

↳ Useful link: WooDoo > Rates > Plans

WuBook provides a standard price list but it is possible to insert additional rate plans that can be used for the following purposes:

  • Manage the prices of the different rates on the portals connected to the Channel manager: The channel manager WooDoo can manage the prices of the standard rate and any other rate (for example: non-refundable, 7-night-stay) eventually available on the connected OTA portals. To each OTA rate, you can assign a WuBook rate plan.
  • Specify a discount: In WooDoo a discount can be calculated through a percentage or a reduction by a fixed value, but it can also be defined through a rate plan whose prices replace the standard ones. In a special offer or in a iata code you can then indicate a rate plan in the discount field.
  • Manage WuBook standard prices: You can decide to manage your Wubook (Wubook parity) standard prices through a rate plan. This could be convenient when the type of rate plan you use has features that make it more convenient for your management. For example, if you have a few price changes throughout the year (only the high and low season), it might be convenient to use an intensive rate plan.

Usually rate plans are used to manage prices through the channel manager.

Rate plan types

There are 3 types of rate plan: Daily, Intensive and Virtual.

    Daily Rate Plan:

    This type of plan is convenient when prices often vary from one period to another or from one day to another. It can be managed with Sytar or Tabla.

    On Tabla in the Prices field at the top, you can select a daily rate plan.

    Intensive Rate Plan:

    When the price list has few variations during the year (for example, only two periods: high and low season), an intensive plan is very convenient. On these plans, it is easy to manage prices over time frames.

    Prices can be defined using a weekly price table.

    Virtual rate plan:

    These plans do not need to be managed because their prices are calculated automatically by a percentage or a fixed value compared to another rate plan's prices. For example, you can create a 15% discount plan compared to the WuBook Parity standard. These plans are very convenient to send discounted prices to the various portals rates connected to the channel manager.

    Prices for virtual rate plans are calculated automatically; however, you can redefine them manually over specific periods.