Zak - Room closures

On Zak, you can close a physical room for a certain period during which it will not be saleable. The affected room is represented in the Planner in black with the description of the closure.

From the link below, you can manage room closures by entering a date, the affected room(s), a note and a tag.

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Products > Closures

☞ Docs: Physical rooms

Room closures

When you enter a closure, the system warns you if there are other closures or reservations for the same room/period.

Closures allow you to:

  • avoid inserting reservations in closed periods
  • correctly update the availability on WuBook and OTAs.

You can enter closures (as well as reservations) from the Planner with the Tetris function. ZaK shows you a list of all present and future (not past) closures of your rooms. You can easily edit and remove them.