If you work with "business profiles", (i.e. with employees of companies that are staying at your facility) you need to enter the tax data of the companies for invoicing.  Through the ZaK "CORPORATES" section you have the possibility to fill in the data of your business customers.

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > Zak (All-in-One) > Customers > Corporates

Creating a Corporate Profile

In this section you can register the name of new companies and enter their data in the appropriate fields, as shown in the sequence below. The only mandatory field for registration is the one related to the country where the company is located.

Assign a Corporate to a Reservation

You can assign a corporate to a reservation, when creating a new reservation or from the detail of an existing reservation. In the first example below in the "Resume" section, (during the creation of a reservation from YouBook), by clicking on the text items below the Check-in field, you can enable the Corporate field.

In case you want to associate a Corporate at a later time, you can do it from the Reservation detail by clicking the green icon "Agencies and Corporates". You will then be able to select a corporate from those you have previously created.

When issuing an invoice for a reservation associated with a corporate, you can select the invoice holder: the booking customer or the corporate.

☞ Docs: How to issue a reservation invoice