Pre-buy of services

In the following section of your WuBook Account, you can pre buy your services . You can do it through the button at the top right of the page shown in the image below

↳ Useful Link: Finance > Balance

Once purchased credit, all debts that will accumulate over time (renewal of services) shown in "Current Balance", will be deducted from your credit. This way no payable transactions will be generated until your credit is exhausted.

☞ Docs: Transactions and cost generation

! ATTENTION: The credit is related to the single property. If you manage several properties from a single account, please note that a credit will cover the debts generated by the services of a single property. If necessary, you can buy several credits for the different properties you manage.

☞ Docs: Can I have more properties in the same account?

! ATTENTION: If you had transactions to be paid generated before pre-buying services, these won't be charged from your deposit. You will have to do this manually by clicking on "PAY NOW" and choosing "USE YOUR CREDIT" to pay them.

However, if the transaction to be paid is higher than the deposit entered, it will not be possible to use the deposit. Payment must be made by bank transfer or credit card.