WooDoo F.A.Q. - How can I connect Be Safe Rate to WooDoo?

BeSafe Rate is an insured prepaid rate, which covers guest's stay up to 100% of the refund where provided and includes free insurance for unexpected events such as flu, accidents, hospitalization or natural disasters.

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Connecting BeSafe Rate to WooDoo is very easy - it just takes few simple steps. Let's see how to proceed!

You need to create a not refundable special offer by setting a discount and validity period as you like:

☞ Docs: WooDoo F.A.Q. - How to create a not refundable offer?

↳ Useful link: WooDoo > Online Reception > Special Offer & Package

Once you have created your offer, click on it and make sure to set up a not refundable cancellation policy:

If you don't have a not refundable cancellation policy yet, it is first needed to create and then associate it within the BeSafe Rate offer, by helping you with the guide below:

☞ Docs: Set a cancellation policy - WooDoo

Once your not refundable offer has been created, on WooDoo side anything else is needed! You only need to contact BeSafe rate, informing them that you have generated the promotion. BeSafe Rate will then proceed with the connection.

PLEASE NOTE: if you use ZaK Booking Engine (and not WooDoo one), it is possible to connect BeSafe Rate using the specific documentation linked below:

☞ Docs: ZaK F.A.Q. - How can I connect Be Safe Rate to ZaK?

☞ Docs: ZaK - Booking Engine