OTA misalignment

In case of a misalignment between the calendar values of an OTA and the WuBooK values managed by the Channel Manager Woodoo, you have to follow these steps:

  • Be sure to check the data in the Extranet (the control panel) of the OTA portal (note: not the public booking page of the portal).   
  • Check that the WooDoo channel is active (just check that there is the icon with the gears in motion).
  • Check that the channel is well configured, rooms and rates are associated with corresponding rooms and rates plans.

☞ Docs: Configuring a Channel

↳Useful Link: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > WooDoo > Channels

☞ Docs: Set Prices, Restrictions and Availability

☞ Docs: What is a Channel Manager

The WooDoo Channel Manager provides a tool to check the outcome of updates. One reason why updates fail is the change of the sale on the portal. After adding or removing rooms or rates in the portal it is important to reconfigure the channel.

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > WooDoo > Updates

☞ Docs: Reconfiguring a Channel

In case you need to contact WuBooK support to report a misalignment, you must indicate all the following data:

  • the type of parameter: price? availability? a restriction?   
  • a screenshot of the extranet showing the misaligned data
  • date: calendar day on which the data is misaligned.
  • room category: room whose calendar data is misaligned. 
  • rate: only in case the misalignment concerns prices it is important to indicate the rate.

With this data, WuBook support staff will be able to verify the misalignment and proceed to solve the problem.

☞ Docs: Tickets and Chat

On the contrary, without the above mentioned data, WuBooK support will not be able to operate. It is sufficient to identify the misalignment of a single date for a single room to understand the reason and solve the problem for all the other days and rooms.