Set a different price on OTAs

The WooDoo Channel Manager allows you to manage the different OTA rates in a very flexible way. Usually each OTA has a "standard" price and possibly other discounted rates.

☞ Docs: What is a Channel Manager

WuBook allows you to map these rates with the WuBook parity price list representing the standard sale prices offered by your website, but you can map any other rate plan. Therefore, it is possible to map the Ota's standard rates with different rate plans (usually higher than the standard WuBook parity price offered by your site).

Use WooDoo virtual rate plans, through which you can create an automatic increase (or reduction) to your Wubook Parity both in percentage and in euros on the daily price of your rooms.

☞ Docs: Rate Plans

For example, you could create a virtual rate plan "Standard OTA" that is +4% of Wubook Parity. By combining this plan with each OTA's standard sale, you can sell your rooms from your site at a lower price than on the OTA portals.

Special offer available exclusively on your Booking Engine

Another solution to create more convenient booking conditions on your Booking engine than on OTAs, is creating a special offer available only on your online reception.

☞ Docs:Online Reception - WooDoo

If, for example, on OTA you have a "not refundable" discounted rate and a "7 nights stay" rate, you should create WooDoo special offers with the same conditions (non-refundable and minimum stay of 7 nights). Still, you could also make an additional special offer (which does not require any conditions) that offers a slightly lower price only to customers booking from your site.

☞ Docs: Special Offers