How to create single use rooms or prices for children?

With WuBook you can offer your real availability in several different forms and prices. A virtual room is a type of room connected to another type of room (Room "mother"), with which it shares the availability. It will then be possible to define the price and restrictions of the virtual room separately but not the availability (which value is always taken from the mother room). Like this, it does not matter whether you receive a reservation for the mother or the virtual room as availability will be decreased on both.

You can create virtual rooms from Rates > Rooms

Double Room for Single Use

If for example, we have 3 double rooms (that´s a Double Room typology with availability of 3) and we want to offer all 3 also as "Double for single use" with a lower price. You can create the double for single use as a virtual room so that the 3 Doubles are offered on your online reception both as Double use Rooms as well as Double for Single use. Apart from the availability that is the same on both typologies, you can define restrictions independently on each room type. So that you can open and close sales, you can change prices or apply min or max stay, etc,…

In the image we see that in the Single Use (DUS) you can manage each parameter independently except for the availability that can be managed only on the mother Double room (DBL).

+ 1 Child

Another typical example is to sell rooms with the option of adding a baby cot or a child. In virtual rooms, you can specify the occupancy setup (number of beds), or how many beds for adults and how many beds for children. For example, on a virtual room that has occupancy = 3 (ie 3 beds) you can indicate that two beds are for adults and one is for the child. In this setup you could also specify the age limit until which a guest is consider a child.

Here is how the same availability will be offered on the online reception WuBook in several ways:

Other examples of virtual rooms

Virtual rooms can be used to differentiate the occupancy (eg selling double as single use); to differentiate boards(for example if the mother room is sold on B&B basis, we can create virtual rooms for Room Only or Half Board basis ); to define an offer (for example I can create a virtual off the double room "double 3 nights" with min.stay = 3). You can create as many rooms and virtual rooms as you want, the only risk is that the online reception will display a lot of information and might get too complex for visitors.