Taxe de Séjour - Wubook

The WuBook booking system calculates and automatically adds the City Tax to the amount of a reservation.

☞ Docs: Online Reception

The feature can be managed from the section: ONLINE RECEPTION > Basic settings > Tourist tax, link below:

You can define different calculation rules. On each rule you can indicate:

  • The stay range: If, for example, you only pay the fee for the first 7 days.
  • The type of price: If the fee is a fixed cost, per room or per person. In the latter case the system calculates the number of people by adding the occupancy (beds) of the booked rooms.
  • Per day: If the fee is multiplied by the days (at least those of the interval above).
  • The amount of the fee for each adult
  • The amount of the fee for each child

Sometimes the city tax imposed by the municipality is particularly complex and involves many variables. In this particular case, the WuBook software is not able to calculate it automatically, so we suggest to indicate in the messages for reservations that "the tourist tax is excluded from the cost of the reservation".