Extra et Réductions

An ADDON is a product/service that can be bought by your customer during the booking process together with the stay. Here are some examples of possible supplements:

    ski pass,
    reserved parking,
    guided tour,
    the use of the spa,
    horseback riding,
    beach umbrella,
    airport transfer,
    flowers in the room, etc.

You could sell the half board with the use of the dinner supplement

When a customer accesses the WuBook booking engine to enter a reservation, (if in the period requested there are active supplements), a step of choice of supplements appears (subsequent to the room selection).

☞ Docs: Online Reception

 Supplements and reductions are managed from the section below:

↳ Link utile: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > Online Reception > Extra and reductions

The fields required to create the supplement are as follows:

  • Name: name of the supplement or reduction. After the entry can be specified for each language.
  • Active: With this field a supplement can be easily enabled and disabled.
  • Daily: If the supplement is daily, its price is automatically multiplied by the number of days of the booked stay.
  • Valid days: determines on which days of the week the supplement is active.
  • Type: here it is determined whether it is a supplement (Extra) or a Reduction, in the latter case the price is subtracted (from the price of the booked stay) rather than added.
  • Price: is the cost of the supplement (daily or total) or is the value of the reduction.
  • Quantity: is the number of supplements that you make available, the user who books must indicate how many supplements he wants to buy with the reservation.
  • Period of validity: if specified the supplement will be proposed in the online reception only if the period of stay is within the period of validity.
  • Room included: here it is established whether the supplement is "generic" or "room". In the latter case it will be available only for those who book one of the rooms combined with the supplement.

! Attention! The Booking Engine WuBook does NOT require the exact number of guests (but only the rooms that will be occupied (a single guest could occupy a double room). For this reason the user who books must specify the number of supplements he wants to buy. If, for example, a couple, when booking a double room on New Year's Eve, arrive at the Supplementary Guests step and find the Supplementary "Dinner", they will have to indicate that they are buying 2.

Since the supplement is bought by your customer in a special step of the online reception, its use extends the booking process. Therefore, use it only in case of need.