Passerelles de Paiement

The WuBooK software allows you to request immediate payment of the full amount or a percentage as confirmation of the reservation, directly from the online reception at the end of the booking process. In case the payment through "gateway" is not completed, the reservation enters anyway but in "waiting for approval" status. If, on the other hand, payment by Gateway is successful, the booking is immediately confirmed.

☞ Docs: Online Reception

☞ Docs: Pending reservations on WuBook

To set up your Payment Gateway visit the section below:

↳ Useful Link: Auth Factory > WuBook/WooDoo > Online Reception > Basic > Payment Gateways

!Attention! Since the most popular booking model on the internet is the one with credit card as guarantee, the request for immediate payment from your booking engine could disadvantage the entry of direct bookings by diverting your potential customers to the OTA booking portals (which do not require immediate payments).

☞ Docs: What is an OTA?

In the booking confirmation step, the customer can decide which payment gateway to use to pay the deposit and have immediate confirmation of the booking.

Payment gateway for standard sale

To activate the standard sales gateway from your booking engine you need to follow the following steps:

  • Configure one or more gateways among those available in WuBook (the instructions for the configuration of each gateway are contained in the same configuration page).   
  • Establish which one (among the configured gateways) is the default one (i.e. the one proposed first in booking confirmation).
  • Establish the percentage of the booking amount that must be paid in advance to confirm the booking.
  • Assign as booking model, the payment model.

☞ Docs: How to configure the Reservation model

Payment gateway in a special offer

You can request immediate payment only to those who enjoy a special offer. In this case you do not have to change the standard booking form. Once you have configured one or more gateways, you will have to work directly on the details of the special offer and configure the Guarantee parameter with the Deposit value.  You will then need to specify the percentage of the booking amount that will be charged.

☞ Docs: Special Offers

Generic gateway (your gateway)

In addition to the list of gateways already available, the WuBook booking engine is responsible for connecting any other gateway. The system sends to the payment page of your gateway (call in WuBook ACK Url), all the necessary data.

In addition to the amount, name and surname of the customer, WuBook provides other data including ok_url and ko_url. The latter are the WuBook pages that your gateway must call after the payment in case of success (ok) or failure (ko) of the process (so WuBook can determine if the reservation must be confirmed or not).

The technical cooperation of your bank or gateway is required. Through the variables sent by WuBook and indicated in the WuBook technical documentation you can request booking confirmation with immediate payment of a deposit, using your gateway.  It will be enough to insert in WuBook in the ACK Url field the link to the payment page of your gateway.

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