Tabla: Update Prices and Restrictions - WooDoo

Tabla is the daily data calendar. With this tool, you can view and edit all data (availability, prices, restrictions, and no OTA) for each room or virtual room on a daily basis.

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You can access the TABLA tool through the link below:

↳ Link : Auth Factory > WooDoo > Rates > Tabla

Using Tabla

Tabla contains a day navigator: a tool that allows you to display the days of interest by indicating a start date and a number of following days. By clicking on the "Load" button, the days indicated on the top bar will be shown.

The "?" symbol at the top right allows you to access the menu that describes all the values that you can set per day/room with Tabla. Once the data has been modified, click on the Save button.

Management of rate plans and restriction plans

The Tabla allows you to act on each daily rate plan and on each daily restriction plan. You can indicate which plan to view and manage by selecting the relevant drop-down menus and clicking on the Load button.

Additional tools on Tabla

  • The first icon (Question Point) opens the Tabla Legend
  • The second icon (green gear) is the Configurations button, which allows you to customize Tabla's functions according to your preferences.
  • The third icon is the "Sytar on Tabla" button. It is convenient to update multiple values with a single click.
  • By clicking on the Exit icon you can exit Tabla and return to the WooDoo control panel.