Au Revoir plugin

This plugin is used to send automatic emails to your clients. There are different types of emails that you can manage with this plugin and for each type, you can define the specific text in different languages:

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  • Immediate Message: These are sent a few minutes after the reservation is made.

  • Welcome Message: These are sent a few days prior to the check-in date.

  • Greeting Message: These are sent a few days after the check-out date.

  • Remarketing Message: These are sent a few months after the guests´ stay.

It is possible to personalize your messages using dynamic sentences which will be substitute in each email automatically to replace: Name, Surname, Check-in date, Check-out date. For example:

__NAME__, __SURNAME__, __DFROM__, __DTO__ (double underscore is necessary)

The cost of the service is 0,06€ (6 cents for each email).

Attention! Au Revoir will send messages only for reservations entered after plugin configuration. Reservations entered before, even if they have an arrival date in the future, will not receive any email from Au Revoir.