ZaK - ZaK Team: limit your staff's accesses

If you work in a team and more than one operator manages the same ZaK profile, you can assign specific permissions to your operators, so that they will be able to access only selected ZaK sections.

You can do that creating Users with limited powers. Each user has a name and a password, that you can provide to your operator. In this way, accessing with those credentials he will be limited to the powers you gave him.

Once the functionality is configured,  you need to login to the WuBook Account with your usual login credentials. Then, when you click on ZaK, additional credentials will be required to identify the user:

The operator who logs in with his user credentials will only have permissions relating to that user. If the operator tries to access a section that is precluded to him, authentication will be requested again. Without the credentials of a proper user, the operator won't be able to enter that section.


You can configure the ZaK Team from the section below. If it's the first time using the ZaK Team, first you need to create an Admin (you), who will be able to enter all ZaK sections, with no limits. He'll be able to make changes to the ZaK Team configuration as well:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations > ZaK Team

Once created the Admin, click on "ACTIVATE PROTECTION" and you'll need to authenticate with your Admin credentials (the ones just created):

Now before creating the other Users, you must define the Groups (i.e. Back Office, Receptionist, Restaurant, Cleaners, etc). For each Group, you can enable the permissions of the Users belonging to that Group. Once created the Groups, you can create the Users and give them a name and a password to log in. You can also associate each User to a Group, so that each User will have the permissions of his Group: