ZaK - Thermal printer configuration for Kylix

When ordering at tables, the waiter can print the order directly in the kitchen or in other areas where a printer is available. To do that, you need to buy a thermal printer (all those supporting the ESC/POS language are compatible), install it in your pc and install the specific software for ZaK. Let's see all the steps to make the connection and print!

1. Install QzTray in your pc

Frst of all you need to install a specific software called QzTray on your computer. You don't have to install it every time, you only need to do this step the first time. The software is free and secure: ZaK has a certified connection with QzTray.

This software allows all devices connected to the same Internet Network to communicate with the thermal printer (or even more than one, because for example you can have one in the bar area, one in the pool area, one in the kitchen, etc).

To install it, click on the link indicated in the ZaK page:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations > Local Printing

Now click on the orange box, as this is the version we recommend for ZaK:

If you have macOS or Linux, you will have to install QzTray from the terminal, as shown in the picture above.

Once clicked on the orange box, choose in which folder of your computer you'd like to save the file:

QzTray will now be downloaded and saved in the folder of your choice. You will have completed the installation!

2. Launch QzTray in the pc

After installing QzTray on your PC, you have to launch it (click on it to open it). Now you will see the QzTray icon on the top right, indicating that it's running correctly:

3. Install the printer in your pc

Then you have to install the thermal printer in your computer. The procedure depends on your printer and your pc, so we suggest consulting your technician if you need support for the installation.
This step is crucial: it's not enough to just install QzTray. If you don't install the printer on your PC, you will not be able to print orders from Kylix.

4. Enter the IP of your pc

Now you have to enter in ZaK the local IP address (LAN) of the computer where you installed QzTray. We can't provide you this data, because it depends on the operating system you use. In order to find it, we recommend that you look for instructions on the Internet, for example by typing "How to find the local IP address for Windows".

Once you have found the IP, enter it in the specific field and save:

5. Print orders (from pc or mobile)

Your printer is now correctly connected! Thanks to Kylix Restaurant Module, waiters will be able to take orders at the tables from their phone/tablet and then print the order through the thermal printer. The order will arrive directly in the kitchen or wherever you installed the printer.

When the waiter prints the order, he will be asked which printer he wants to print from (he will see all those installed on the PC). He can then choose the printer you have just configured.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Kylix: Restaurant Module

☞ Docs: Kylix - Mobile ordering for waiters

6. Authorise to connect to QzTray

The first time you try to print, you will be asked to allow to connect to QzTray. You will have to click on "Allow" and tick the box to remember this choice, so the next times you will not be asked again:

Important information for mobile printing

  • While the waiter is printing from the mobile device, the computer where QzTray is installed must be turned on, with QzTray running.
  • The mobile device and the computer with QzTray must be connected to the same Internet Network.
  • If you have already installed the thermal printer on the PC, then you don't need to install it on the mobile device as well. This must only be done if you're not using QzTray.

What to do if you can't print?

In this case, please check the following documentation with all the useful information: