ZaK - Trentino Guest Card Integration (for IT only)

What is it?

The Trentino Guest Card is a card for all the guests of the accommodation facilities accredited in the Trentino tourist system and is valid for the entire stay at the facility. One of the possible methods to issue the card, is the issuance through PMS / Management. ZaK supports the issuance of Trentino Guest Card. Just follow a few simple steps that we will explain below!

At the following link you can find more information about how TGC works and the services it offers:

↳ Link: Trentino Guest Card - Advantages


You must first enable the specific package in ZaK (6€ per month) at the following menu:

↳ Link: ZaK > Home > Addons > Trentino GC


Then enter the credentials (username and password) of your account on the TGC system. If you do not already have an account, you must register before proceeding in ZaK.

Once the credentials have been entered, it is necessary to fill in the requested data in the "Make a new card" section, including the email of the guest:

Once the card has been created, guests will receive an email, containing the instructions to complete the issuance and activation of their card. As explained in the email, it will be necessary to download the TRENTINO GUEST CARD application (from iOS or Android) in order to use the card.

↳ Link: App Guest Card - iOS

↳ Link: App Guest Card - Android

On the right, by selecting a period, you can check the issued cards for those dates. If you see the icon, it means that the guest has not enabled the card yet: