WooDoo - Metasearch: Google

What is it?

Google's hotel search engine allows you to show your property's profile on different Google media.

Google in fact doesn't have its booking engine system but offers various solutions for the different OTA agencies from which you can enter an online reservation. Also your WooDoo Online Reception can appear among these solutions (indicated as "Official website").

WuBook is a Google authorized partner and allows the Google campaign's activation from your WooDoo control panel, at Metasearch section.

Costs and Business models

On the WooDoo side, you need to enable the Google package (8€ per month).

In addition, there is also a cost depending on which business models you choose:

  • Pay Per Stay: for each reservation there is a 10% commission on the TOTAL. You'll find it together with your payments in your WuBook account. With this model, you will have more visibility on Google because your site will appear in the foreground:

  • Free Booking Link Only: in this case you will pay no commission, only 8€ on WooDoo. But you will have less visibility on Google, because your site will not appear immediately, but only below, among the other options:

Where can the business model be set up?

By default, the first model is already active (Pay Per Stay). If you wish to activate the Free Booking Link Only, you must request it to our Support.

What to check before proceeding

  • You must already have an account on Google My Business, where you only enter information about your property.
  • On Google side, the property type must always be Hotel or another one supported by Google. At the end of this article, you'll find the list of supported types.
  • If you enabled the 8€ Google package, then it is NOT necessary that the Booking Engine is ON. The important thing is that it is configured.
  • The property information entered on Google must match with that entered in WuBook. You can find more details in point 2, "Business Information Control".
  • To enable Google, you must have a deposit of 100€ at least or a Credit Card as a payment method in your WuBook account.

    What to know before proceeding

    • Commissions will be charged at the guest's check-out for all reservations that were still confirmed at the check-in date (CPA model).
    • If the reservation is canceled before the check-OUT date, also the commission will be canceled.
    • If in the WooDoo Online Reception you have enabled the DEFERRED or FREE reservation model, the reservations with status "waiting for approval" will be considered confirmed. Therefore they will be subject to 10% commission.
    • Discount codes can't be used when the Online Reception is reached from Google.
    • Google has a tracking time of 3 to 5 days. Therefore, when a reservation is cancelled during this time period, a trace is left in Google's systems and the reservation will still be received through Google.
    • Google takes from WooDoo rooms images and descriptions. And also cancellation policies (only default ones, NOT those with custom text).

    How to enable Google?

    Google activation is done from WooDoo and is very simple. Let's take a look at the steps to follow.

    1. Subscription in WooDoo

    To proceed, you need to enable the Google package (8€ per month).

    NOTE: As mentioned above, remember that in order to enable it, you must have a Credit Card as a payment method, or a deposit of 100€ at least.

    2. Business information control

    By default, we will send Google the information about your property that you entered in the following menu:

    ! ATTENTION: As mentioned above, the property information entered on Google must match perfectly with the information entered on WuBook in this page.

    ↳ Useful Link: Administration > Properties > Property Information

    3. End

    You have now correctly activated Google, all you have to do is wait! If after 10-15 days you are still not visible on Google, you can contact our support team for a check. But first, please check all the information above under "What to check before proceeding".

    How to disable Google?

    If you want to disable Google, you can proceed in WooDoo by setting the package OFF. You don't need to do anything on Google.

    List of property types supported by Google

    On Google side, the property type must always be Hotel or another one supported by Google, because Google does not support apartments and other categories. Therefore, for the connection between Google and WooDoo to be successful, you need to set one of the following types on Google.

    The category HOTEL is accepted and also its subgroups:
    Resort hotel
    Extended stay hotel (Aparthotel)
    Guest house
    Bed and breakfast
    Farm stay
    Japanese Inn
    Mountain hut
    Capsule hotel
    Love hotel
    Camping cabins

    On the other hand, the category VACATION RENTALS is NOT accepted and nor are its subgroups:
    Country house
    Holiday cottage
    Holiday village
    Log cabin
    Studio apartment