Set Prices, Restrictions and Availability

To manage prices, restrictions, and availability, you can use two useful tools:

  • Tabla: to view and modify the data of every single day/room
  • Sytar: to modify the data of several rooms for long periods.

☞ Docs: Tabla: Update Prices and Restrictions - WooDoo

☞ Docs: Sytar: Update Prices and Restrictions on a date range - WooDoo

Through these tools you can modify the following values:

  • Price: is the price of the room on that day
  • Availability: it is the number of rooms available for sale. When you enter a direct booking from your site or an OTA through the Channel Manager, the availability is automatically updated. When you receive the cancellation of a reservation, Wubook will change the availability automatically
  • Closure: it stops the sale of a room for that day on all Sales Channels (Online Reception and portals connected to the Channel Manager) without changing the availability value
  • Minimum stay: Your customers will not be able to book a stay shorter than the min-stay
  • Minimum stay on arrival: minimum stay from the check-in day. Only stays with arrival on a specific day have to comply with this restriction
  • Maximum stay: value indicating the maximum length of stay
  • Open but closed at check in: it stops the incoming of new reservations with arrival date (check-in) on a selected day
  • Open but closed at check out: it stops the incoming of new reservations having departure date (check out) on a selected day
  • No OTA: It closes the sale only in the OTA portals connected to the Channel Manager. Sale on Wubook Booking Engine is open.

When you create a room, you have to set up room availability and price (by default).
Once this data has been modified with Tabla or Sytar, the room's default data will be overwritten.
Even if you change the room's default availability and price, the data saved with Tabla or Sytar will still be valid.

☞ Docs: How to create/modify a room - WooDoo