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With WuBook, you can offer a type of room with different "commercial forms": you can offer double rooms as "single-use." A virtual room is a type of room related to another type of room (called "Mother room") with which it shares the availability.

It is possible to define the price and restrictions of a virtual room but not the availability (which is the same as the mother room). Whether a reservation enters the mother room or one of its virtual rooms, the availability is always deducted from the mother room.

You can create and manage virtual rooms by accessing the section below:

↳ Link : Auth Factory > WooDoo > Rates > Rooms

Decrease availability

In a virtual room, you can decrease availability.
The virtual room inherits its mother room's availability: this availability can be reduced by a fixed value. If you have 5 Family Rooms (for four persons), you can sell them also "for two persons" at a lower price, through a virtual room.
It is also possible to offer at a lower price not all of the 5 Family Rooms, but only 2 of them, by setting value = 3 in the field "Decrease availability."

Double single-use

If, for example, you have six double rooms (i.e., a Double room with availability 6) and you want to offer all 6 of them also as "Single-use" with a slightly lower price, you can create the virtual room" Single-use" with the Double room as mother room.

+ 1 Child

Another example of virtual room is the sale of a category with the possibility to add a baby bed. In the virtual room you can specify the number of adults and children and the age limit of the child.

Other examples of virtual rooms

In addition to the above examples, you can use virtual rooms to sell your rooms with different occupancies. The virtual rooms can also be used to differentiate restrictions and prices according to boards; for example, on the DBL room, you could create the virtual room DBL Half board, etc..

For each day the virtual room has separate prices and restrictions.

For every virtual room, you can set different prices and restrictions from the mother room. It will then be possible to open, close, set a min.stay, specify a price for each day.

You can also use the virtual rooms to offer a lower price for longer stays (as an alternative to Special Offers). On a virtual room, you can assign a different min.stay.

You can insert many mother rooms and virtual rooms (the maximum limit is 80). It is good not to exaggerate the number of solutions offered to keep your online reception easy for customers to consult.

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