iCal connection

The ICal plugin allows you to update the availability (open and close) of your rooms in portals that are ICal compatible.

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☞ Docs: Set Prices, Restrictions and Availability

When the room on Wubook is closed (because the availability has decreased to 0, because the close parameter is configured or because the no ota parameter is configured), the sale of that room is automatically closed also in the connected portal.

The plugin provides a link to each room. This link sends (in "calendar" format) the time frame in which the room is closed on WuBooK. For the connection you need to copy the link provided by WuBooK-iCal and insert it in the appropriate field in your private area of the portal.

! Warning: The iCal connection is much easier than the normal xml connection of Channel Manager WooDoo channels. The iCal connection only closes the sale on the portal: reservations are not downloaded, prices are not updated and restrictions are not updated except for the closure.

! Warning: iCal updates are effective over a period of 365 days from today! So in case you receive bookings that exceed the year or if you want to close dates beyond this limit, you have to operate by hand on the relevant portals

Some portals that support iCal connection

  • AirBnB
  • Wimdu
  • House Trip
  • HomeAway
  • Holiday Velvet
  • FlipKey
  • 9Flats
  • Gay-Ville
  • Amsterdam bed and breakfasts
  • Apartments Unlimited
  • Be My Guest
  • Erfgoed
  • Loving Apartments
  • Only Apartments
  • Flat Club
  • BedAndBreakfast.eu