Kylix - Overview and Configuration

Kylix is the new ZaK Restaurant Module, created in order to manage from the PMS also what concerns Food and Beverage.

To enable it, first you must subscribe to "Kylix" package at the following section:

↳Useful Link: ZaK > Home > ZaK Subscription

Once done, Kylix can be reached from the following section:

↳Useful Link: ZaK > Kylix > My Kylix

Here are the main features of the new ZaK Restaurant Module:

  • Subdivision of Areas: Kylix supports multiple areas (zones of your restaurant), each one with independent menus
  • Centralized invoicing system with the ZaK PMS. It will be the only place to manage invoices and receipts for both services of hotellerie and restaurant
  • Possibility of linking meals to reservations, particularly taking into account the boards with which rooms are sold
  • Also take away management for external customers
  • Mobile friendly, thanks to the layer that allows waiters to comfortably manage orders from mobile phones
  • Centralized access management via Zak Team Plugin

How to configure Kylix?

Here is a video on how to configure Kylix step by step and how to use it. Below the video, you will also find a list with the steps to follow.

1. Enter the name, address and logo of your restaurant in order to customize your menu!

☞ Docs: Kylix - Basic information setup

Define your food categories, your dishes, their ingredients and the possible variations with which they can be ordered.

☞ Docs: Kylix - Food categories

3. Create and customize all the different areas of your restaurant (pool area, bar area, etc.). If you have only one area, you can still customize your main area.

☞ Docs: Kylix - Areas

4. Compose your menus, using the categories and foods previously created.

☞ Docs: Kylix - Menu

5. Add all your tables, assigning each to its own area.

☞ Docs: Kylix - Tables

6. Create the list of your waiters, in order to send them the link for mobile ordering via sms/email/whatsapp.

☞ Docs: Kylix - Waiters

7. Configure, if you want, your thermal printer to send the orders directly to the kitchen. In the article about mobile ordering for waiters (see point 7), it is explained how to print the orders in the kitchen.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Thermal printer configuration for Kylix

8. Now you are ready to start working with Kylix, via the table overview page in ZaK and via mobile ordering for your waiters.

☞ Docs: Kylix - Tables overview

☞ Docs: Kylix - Mobile ordering for waiters