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Tabla allows you to check and manage all the rates and restrictions of your products manually day by day. So it's essential to manage your online sales.

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Products > Tabla

Tabla is a table in which rows represent your products (and their by-products), and columns represent calendar days:

It may seem a bit complicated, but over time you will see that it's very intuitive! Let's start by taking a look at the various features.

Navigation bar

On the top left of the page, on the navigation bar, you can see:

  • a field to choose the first day to be displayed
  • a button to move forward/backward in the calendar for a selected number of days
  • a fast button to move to TODAY
  • a rate selector
  • a "Save" or "Cancel" button to confirm/cancel your changes
  • a button to use the Copy Rates feature

☞ Docs: ZaK - "Copy Rates" tool

  • the "Zym" button: if enabled, you will see the prices modified by the Yield Manager. You will not be able to edit them, but only check them

  • a room category selector, that allows you to filter by room type
  • a mode selector, to choose between Advanced or Easy:

- The Advanced mode allows you to show all data.
- The Easy mode shows only the main essential data.

You can differentiate mode selection per product/row: click on the product box on the left if you want to change the data display mode on a single row.


By clicking on the three lines on the top right you can find the following option:

  •   : a useful inline Guide to use Tabla
  •   : to open the settings, where you can customize the Tabla theme and the background color
  •  : to see a Legend of all symbols and values
  •    : to quit Tabla and move back to your ZaK dashboard


Below you can find a detailed explanation of all the parameters in every Product/Day box. Let's see how the advanced interface looks (the one showing all data)

  • Prices: they refer to the rate you've selected at the top of the navigation bar. If a product's price derives from another, it cannot be modified from Tabla.

  • OTA Limit: it is a restriction that you can use only if you have active OTA connections on Zak. It allows you to select for each product a maximum availability value (on a chosen rate). In OTA channels where a specific rate is active, you cannot sell more units than those specified in this field.

Please Note: The OTA Limit is a rate-based value, meaning you can enter different values for different rates. On the contrary, in many OTA channels, the availability is "room-based." So be careful not to set conflicting OTA Limit values on the same channel!

However, for we have prepared a tool that allows you to manage this "conflict".
Zak will send to the lowest value for both rates; then, once the lowest limit is reached, Zak will close the rate with the lowest limit, and the remaining rooms will be available on the other rate.

i.e: If you have 10 Doubles and you want to sell 2 rooms with "Standard Rate" and 7 rooms with "Not Refundable", once you set the OTA Limit values in the required periods, Zak will initially sell 2 rooms on both Rates.
When those two rooms are booked, the "Standard Rate" will be closed and the remaining 5 rooms will be put on sale with "Not Refundable" rate.

  • The Availability modifier: it is a very powerful restriction that allows you to change your room types availability.

Using this parameter, you can change day by day the availability value of a given product/rate, independently of your real availability. You may want to decrease it to leave some rooms free for a period, or you may wish to increase it to balance the historical data of cancellations over a certain period.
The value that you set in this field will then increase (if positive) or decrease (if negative) the real availability value.
The Availability Modifier value does not change after receiving reservations: only the availability value changes.

! ATTENTION: The Availability Modifier allows you to perform "dangerous" marketing strategies, allowing you to receive "programmed" overbooking. Make sure you use it consciously!

You can find further examples and clarifications about OTA Limit and Availability Modifier in the article below:

☞ Docs: ZaK - OTA Limit and Availability modifier

  • Total Reservations from OTA: it is a simple counter of reservations received by OTAs connected via Channel Manager. It is useful, in case a OTA Limit has been set, to know how many reservations you can still receive from OTA.

  • The Availability: this value is automatically updated. It is the same for all rates and represents the real availability of a product, less any closure or reservation.

Availability is the only data in Tabla that you cannot modify directly: the only way to change it on a specific rate is to set an increment/decrement with the "Availability Modifier" tool.

Please Note: in case of overbooking, the availability value will be negative! When the availability value is 0, or becomes negative, the background of the box turns red.

If you click on the Availability box, you can see how many reservations (OTA + directs) you've received for that room type:

  • Minimum stay (Min Stay) and Maximum stay (Max Stay): you can set a minimum or maximum duration to each reservation that includes the selected day.

  • Minimum stay on arrival (Min Stay Arrival) and Maximum stay on arrival (Max Stay Arrival):  you can set a minimum or maximum duration to bookings with check-in on the selected day.

  • No OTA: if enabled, it closes the sale on all OTAs. The sale remains open only on your ZaK Online Reception.

  • Minimum advance: it allows you to create, for example, a "Book early" rate, which offers a discount to those who book at least X days in advance. You can set the min advance in hours (writing for example 6h), days (i.e. 6d), months (i.e. 6m) or years (i.e. 6y).

  • Maximum advance: it allows you to create a "Last minute" rate, which offers a discount to those who book at most one X days before arrival. Or it allows you to avoid stays too far in time (i.e. in two years). You can set the max advance in hours (writing for example 6h), days (i.e. 6d), months (i.e. 6m) or years (i.e. 6y).

Please Note: The Min/Max Advance is valid on your Online Reception. On OTAs, they are currently updated only for Booking (max advance must not exceed 360 days).

  • No check-in: if active, no arrivals are allowed on that day/room. Attention: the room will not be closed, but will be available for stays beginning BEFORE that date.

  • No check-out : if active, no departures are allowed on that day/room. Attention: the room will not be closed, but will be available for stays that end AFTER that date.

These restrictions allow you to close your property's reception on a date/period. For example, if you want to receive only bookings from Saturday to Saturday, you only need to activate both "No check-in" and "No check-out" on all days of the week except for Saturday.

  • Closure: if active, the room/date is closed to sale, even if you have free rooms. It's not possible to book a stay for a period which includes a closed day.

You can set the closure on all rooms when your property is closed. Or on some specific rooms/dates when you don't want the sale to reopen automatically after a cancellation. It's also essential to close a day/room after receiving an unwanted overbooking: if the guest cancels the reservation, the date will reopen automatically!

General remarks

If the price or the product restrictions are derived, these are visible in tabla but not editable: they would appear in semi-transparency on a grey background.
If you have channels configured in Zak Channel Manager, modifications will be automatically transmitted to the OTA.

☞ Docs: ZaK - Channel Manager