ZaK - Invoice numbering

Zak numbers your invoices automatically and progressively. The system will warn you in case of double numbering. If you delete an issued invoice, the system maintains the standard numbering. You can still enter manually the number of the invoice that was previously deleted.

☞ Docs: ZaK F.A.Q. - How to issue an invoice?

Numbering for years

If you want to restart the numbering of your documents at the beginning of each year, you have to leave the following box unchecked. On the contrary, check the box if you want the numbering to restart every year:

☞ Useful Link: ZaK > Settings > Configurations > Fiscal Documents


ZaK allows you to create multiple prefixes (alphanumeric) to differentiate your invoices. Prefixes can be set from the Fiscal Documents configuration page. While issuing a document, you can choose a prefix that you've previously created. Each prefix will have its own numbering, that ZaK will suggest you in an automatic and progressive way.

For example, if you created the A and B prefixes and the last invoice issued with A prefix is number 10, the following invoice with A prefix will automatically have number 11. You can differentiate your invoices by prefix while keeping the same header.