ZaK - Documents

In this section you can view the list of your issued documents or export them. You can reach it from the following link:

↳ Useful Link: ZaK > Payments > Documents


In the "Search" section you have two different possibilities:

  • Search for your documents through filters by clicking on the magnifying glass  on the top right. You can filter by:

    - document number

    - date of issue of the document

    - type of document (invoice, receipt, etc.)

    - header, if you have more than one

    - amount, if you do not remember any other details but only the amount of the document

    - reservation for which you issued that document

    - agency or corporate associated with the reservation for which you issued the document

Once entered the filters, you will see below all the relevant documents and also their total amount. For each document, ZaK will show you the type and number; any other related documents; the header; the date of issue; the customer to whom you invoiced; the reservation code; whether or not you sent the customer an email with the document; the amount of the document.

By clicking on the "Export" button, you can also export the results of your search into a .csv file.

  • Issue a document unlinked to a reservation by clicking on the "Add new document" button on the top right. For example, if your property also has a bar, restaurant, spa, etc, you may need to issue a document, without necessarily a reservation. This is the right section to do it! Once you click the button, you will be redirected to the document issue page. You will be able to define the services to be invoiced and record the payment.

☞ Docs: ZaK F.A.Q. - How to issue an invoice?


From the "Export" section you can export your documents by filtering by period, document type and header:

Once started the search, you will find three export possibilities:

  • Export Daily: to export your receipts, i.e. a csv file with the details of the documents issued in the chosen period
  • Export Details: to export a csv file with your documents and more details, such as tax code, VAT number, country, etc.
  • Download Archive: to export a file with the invoices issued in that period in pdf format.