ZaK - zCrm Package

Zak provides you with a basic CRM module (called "zCrm"), which allows you to collect requests from your potential customers and easily turn them into quotes! These are requests from the Online Reception, Zak Mini Site or your own website.
In fact, zCrm can even be integrated on your own website, through a simple action of your WebMaster!

Please note that quotes sent from zCrm will redirect the customer to the new Online Reception interface.

☞ Docs: Zak - Online Reception (NEW VERSION)

By clicking on the link below, you will find the full documentation on zCrm, with all the information you need to start using it:

Launch Promo!

The zCrm package is currently available at a cost of 3€ per month: this is a launch promo you can't miss! As it is a temporary offer, this cost will increase to 6€ in 2024. We would like to point out that the price of the zCrm package will change if additional functions are developed. Or any additional functions could form a separate package.

Register for a trial account via the link below. You'll get 2 weeks for free, no binding contract!

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