Finance of your Account

From this section, you can check all your payments, get all the WuBook invoices or make a deposit to pay your services.

1. Balance

Here you can check your pending transactions and pay for our services.  You can also view your payment records.

☞ Docs: Transactions and cost generation

2. Invoices

Here you can download all the invoices issued by WuBook for the purchase of services. Besides, you can get the XML code of the electronic invoice.

3. Payment method

Through the payment methods section, you can enter one or more credit cards. By inserting a credit card, you will enable the automatic payment of transactions. 

For each of your properties, you can decide which card to charge for the automatic renewal of services.

4. Pending payments

If you pay with bank transfer, here you can find our bank coordinates and you can upload the receipt, in order to process your payment asap.

5. Make a Deposit

Here you can pre-buy services (a deposit) for a certain amount, with which your services will automatically be paid month by month.

☞ Docs: Make a deposit