Administration of your Account

Through this section, you can enter your company's data required for invoicing your payments.

1. Information

This subsection contains your name, email address, and phone number to allow our support department operators to contact you if you need assistance.

2. Properties

Through a single account, you can manage one or even more properties. From this section, you can enter and modify your tax data.
WuBook invoices the purchase of services related to a property through the tax data of a specific structure.
For each property, you must enter the billing data: Company name, VAT, etc..

3. Service status

From this section, you can also check the status of our services (active/non-active) and enable automatic renewal.

4. Invitations

Here you find the friends you invited to create a WuBook Account, by using the "Bring a Friend" promo:

5. Contracts

Here you can also check out and download our contracts updated to the latest version.